molikewhoa (molikewhoa) wrote,

growing up

Samantha and Aaron had their garage sale today, signing the end of an era, really.

Walking into the empty lewis house, I realized that I basically became an adult there. I spent so much of my wasted youth there and I couldn't be happier. My heart is full of sadness and joy at the same time. To think about how much went on there from the time I was 19 until I moved out back in April is overwhelming. It's a part of my life that I will never get to live again but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it immensely. And I am so happy right now that I enjoy my life, despite the heartbreaks and personal tragedies that make up the human condition. I met so many of my close friends that I have now at that house, I fell in and out of love at that house, and it's a part of me that I don't want to let go but I have to in order to move on with my life.

RIP Lewis House.

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