molikewhoa (molikewhoa) wrote,

it's about to be...A GIRLFIGHT!

Tonight, I learned an important lesson. Well actually, I didn't learn it, I just saw it come to life.

Girls - Don't fuck around with guys that have girlfriends. If he wants you that bad, he can leave his girlfriend for you. I'm not saying that that is any better, but at least you can have some dignity in knowing you weren't the girl a guy cheated on his girlfriend with. AND if you in fact cause a guy to cheat on his girlfriend, then you deserve every ass-beating coming your way. I make no exceptions. If some guy cheats on his girlfriend with me, then you better believe I'm watching my back 24/7. I expect to be in a fight.

I mean, WHY? Why even create all the drama? Just because you're a ho who can't be respectful to not only yourself but someone else? It's just fucking trashy. I was watching the epitome of trash tonight. I mean, WOW. I'm laughing about it now because it's so fucking ridiculous how people just are.

I never want to be that girl. Never.
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