molikewhoa (molikewhoa) wrote,

i'm watching cops and eating fried chicken with my homophobic father


Badly. Oh god, I hate it so much. I hate my job. I was so glad to be sent home early today. I don't even care about performing up to the compnay's standards of customer service. I'm just like, "Oh, you want to try those shoes on. Okay. What size are you?"

I could scream.

My brother is home. He loves Chaucer. I mean, he loves that cat. And then he proposed to me that since he and his boyfriend think that their DNA would make an excellent baby, they want me to donate an egg so that Ben (his BF) can inseminate it and shit and have a baby. So my nephew or niece would be my son. I told them I'd donate an egg, but I'm not carrying it because no bastard that's going to tell me in 16 years that it hates me is going to ruin my body. This was all discussed at dinner at CiCi's pizza, with my mom present. And then, I shit you not, we talked about the disgusting properties of sperm. WITH MY MOM. AND MY BROTHER. AND HIS BOYFRIEND. AT A CICI'S PIZZA. IN OAK CLIFF. I invited them (bro and ben, not mom's) out to his gay club last week, but instead Samantha and I went and met up with my coworkers and we got shitfaced. It was awesome. Who knew that gay men loved black chicks so much?

My dad and my bro finally talked and it ended with my dad telling my brother that "he hopes he gets AIDS and dies." Yeah. What the fuck is wrong with my father?

All in all, life is crazy. I've been drunk way too much in the past week and a half. I'm lonely but like Allison told me when she was here, "I know it's 2005, but it's still Texas."
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